Scrumpy Poker updates the story points without any configuration for the default Jira Agile boards with Story Points as estimation setting.


Please refer to the possible solutions below if you have fiddled with the advanced options or your project setup is different. If it doesn't help you, please feel free to file a support ticket, ask us over live chat, send us e-mail or whatever is convenient for you. We'd be glad to help.

Have you pressed the single check button?

To update story points, please use the double check (✔️✔️) icon in the story summary. If you press the single check only (✔️) only a comment will be added. There are tooltips above the buttons

Have you set the time mapping?

When you fiddled with the time mapping and set a non-zero time mapping for story points in the Scrumpy Poker's settings for the room, the story points won't be updated in Jira. This is because Scrumpy Poker estimates stories in time, not in points. Please use time mapping only if you use story points cards but the board configuration in Jira is set to use time as estimation. If you use story points only, please make sure the time mapping is set to 0

Have you explicitly specified a custom field or even the "Story Points" field itself in the advanced integration settings?

By default Scrumpy Poker uses the board settings for estimation. If you have an agile board with story points as estimation you don't need to set this field. Please clear it. This field is used only if a non-standard numeric field is used in Kanban boards, Busness boards, and any non-standard Agile board/project configuration.

Do you have a Jira project without a board?

In some advanced configuration there are projects without boards. This way Scrumpy Poker cannot know what's the time estimate. By default it uses the "Story Points" field or "Story point estimate" for Next Gen projects. Sometimes those fields are not part of the Jira edit screens. Please make sure that the "Story Points" field is part of the Jira edit screens in the Jira configuration so that Scrumpy Poker can see it.

Is the Story Points field visible at all in the backlog/story?

In general, if you don't see any story points in the backlog (right side of card) or in the story when you select it, Scrumpy Poker won't be able to edit the field. Please check the Jira configuration and consult your Jira admin for help. One reason would be that the "Story Points" is not part of the issue Edit Screens. Another common reason is if there is a project context attached to the "Story Points" field. To fix this, please go to the field configurations in the system global settings of Jira, select the "Story Points" field and either make the context global or add your new project to the context.

Next steps

If none of the above helps, please feel free to contact us by any means available on our websites. We'd be glad to help!